I’m back. Mostly..

Hi, my name is Justin and I’m something. Something that has insomniatic urge to write after about 6 years after my last post. Some how I remembered I had this blog and after resetting a password I got into this format again. I’m doing well thanks for asking. Tomorrow, ahem.. technically today, I start a new education towards peer-expert job oppurtunities. I’m in the band Seven Days and an additional band. I’ve got three part-time jobs and am moving to a much more condusive living situation after an ardious process. And if you understand Norwegian I’m on some episodes of Hagegata 25, episodes Vaner and Psykisk Smågodt. Enough bragging and onto the introspective pseudo philosophy that started this blog.

Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.

In my current situation 3.24 AM, day before school, I would like to have dispursed of my brain at least. How it’s going to be tomorrow (come on Justin, just say today) one does not simply know in advance. All I know, is that insomnia is a wicked mistress, that mostly cheats on you in the daytime. There is no power down right now. So this is my feeble attempt at written catharsis.

This is sufficient for a first entry.


A relaxed mind …

A relaxed mind is a creative mind.

If you didn’t get it, yes it’s a Yogi quote. And as far as I’m concerned, whenever I’m under the influence or stressed out, I’m neither creative or productive. So during your work day and especially your off-days, listen to a good song or whatever relaxation you. The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars is a great song to start a day off, but don’t sing along if you’re at the office.

My online life vs my real life


Weirdly enough I haven’t spent much time on my blog. I’m sorry for that. But I’ve been very active on a website called twitter, you might heard of it. It’s an amazing place for free thinkers like me and you only get 140 characters to get to the point. Which is an advantage when it comes to me, ’cause I can ramble like hella. I’ve been in the hospital for quite much of my inactive time, and haven’t felt like it.


But my ride on twitter goes from virtually muting Piers Morgan, retweets from Donald Trump, some form of friendship or kinship with @mettaworldpeace the New York Knick to the greatest Honor when I got a digigraphed (it’s a thing) photo from Jurgen Klinsmann him self after USA vs Belgium in the World Cup. I’ve got some friends that tweet me, and some very good connections I’ll make use when I get back to USA. But promised my sister I wouldn’t move this year.


Which brings me to my turmoil. Little to no understanding, from counselors, doctors, family or friends of my need to leave my country. Norway is not in the lead of any industry. If hypocrisy was an industry we’d be number one. I’m an A-lister in Solutions Book made by Jefrey Guterman PhD. So I can safely claim or even exclaim my grievances. When I move depends on a lot of variables, but there is no changing the fact that I won’t live my life here. And with so many countries checking me out and German, Spanish and English at a decent level, there’s a lot of borders to cross. USA über alles, but I will always use the Internet as my main tool, so it doesn’t matter


But go on @JustinShark and follow me there as well, and I’ll use this blog more actively. 


The particion of life

There are three parts of your life..

Work life. That part of the day where you sell your time.

Actual social life. That part of the day, where you try to get reinforcment for your life or sympathy.

Online Social Life. How you spend your time as far as FB, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram or SoundCloud.

Its quite obvious that some of the Social networks are more fruitful than others. I prefer Twittter, LinkedIn and SoundCloud. Create your own persona and be who you feel you are. There’s a saying, dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Tweet for the job you want. And reinforce that with your own conviction. Instead of visualizing your life tweetalize your Life. Personally I’ve been working hard for the #Nbadraft. And I spend time building up my self-confidence through ted-talks and motivational speeches. And I toy around a lot with the game. I live in a country that has a quite lame enthusiasm for the sport, so I follow the nba and I’m literally tweeting to the source. And through my life experiences I know I got the mental tenacity. I train hard these days and will post some videos soon.. I love my life after I started tweeting. If you have a dream use your spare time following that dream online and you’ll be surprised how close you are to your dream. “There are people that go down in History, the rest end up in the Statistics”

#History or #Statistics?

Bought at The Superdome, New Orleans.

The ball stenciled with David Stern, patent pending at the point on the valve.
Also I’m a Saints fan, because their losses turned to victories. Remember being in an Emergency room with three poisonings, watching Drew Brees toss the ball to break the NFL all-time record.
This was in Las Vegas btw:p

“Guess who’s back”

My version of this pretty famous son made by someone I admire greatly:

Guess who’s back back, back again, guess who’s back, back.
Tell 1 friend. Guess who’s back, guess, who’s back, guess. (guess I’m tired of the guess, because with all this guessing on my part, so I’ll just say it: 1happyhuman.wordpress.com is back and going for #100forthemostparthappydays!

“Let life work with you, not against you”

I’m starting a new trend; Yogiblog. Or maybe it is a trend, I don’t really keep up.
Yogi tea has these short sentences full of wisdom on the label, so whenever I come across a really good one that really speaks to me, I blog about it. So we’re clear I only drink Yogi tea, and no they are not paying me to start this.

“Let life be with you, not against you” spoke to me given I’m currently in a sitiuation that demands massive amounts of positive reinforcement. This comes from willpower, Yogi tea and the book “Happiness now” by Robert Holden. I was very reluctant at first, but eventually I went with the flow. And as I face my challenges I work with a system, instead of opposing every turn. The realization that you work with life, not against it has become somewhat of a mantra. I usually do my entries in one sitting, but this one was different. I’ve tried three times to finish, but something stacked against me.

Have you ever felt everything was stacked against you? No matter how hard you try new bullshit arise? I think you might have. Did it open up when you cooperated with your surroundings? If you haven’t tried it, please do. Experience with a new outlook, is almost like a new experience altogether.

This was not my finest work, but I’ve had a long break..