Happiness- My approach

As far as I’m concerned, age is not the amount of years you have lived, but how you have lived them. How eager you are to push your comfort level, how often you go do something you normally don’t dare and how open you are to other perceptions and ways of seeing the world. But the most important part in aging or maturing is developing a mentality around face difficulties. In the last Rocky movie it is said:(with paraphrasing) “Nothing is going to hit you harder than life. It’s about how hard you can get hit and still get up”


I started with the paragraph above, because as I see it, there are two types of happiness. It’s the one through a “childs eyes”. Things you see, touch, hear or smell that awaken a reaction and enchantment for whats going on.


And then there is the happiness from within and from experience. And it’s reached through facing adversities and learning from everything you do. Be active, searching for knowledge and understanding of people. Seek out as many enviroments as you can, to minimize your prejudices. Decrease your addiction to technology, if your phone dies, you actuelly don’t die as well. Talk to people in the world. This might seem weird at first and I get rejected regularly for my advances, but the more I do it the more positive results I get. Why do we need screens, when the most beatiful thing in the world is two eyes, sparkling with enthusiasm? Why is spotify always on, when people feelings, dreams and ambitions are just a conversation away?

By having to make a lot of choices and getting experiences from that, you know which paths bring positive results and which bring negative. Reject the negative and choose happiness. Happiness is a choice and you can choose it on a moment basis or you can change your life by choosing it every time you make a choice and internalizing it through every behaviour. And before you call me a hippie, I’m not saying quit your day job and sail around the world, meditating and live organically on a compound. I’m just saying, stop a second and ask yourself: do I need this in my life? Does this make my life better? If yes, go for it! If no, consider a new path. If you have people in your life that drag you down either by their negative direct or indirect comments about you, themselves, or other people, reduce the time you spend or eliminate if possible. 

Try this following list for the next week:

Enjoy every bite of food, appreciate every conversation and listen closely, find aspects of your job/studies that your unique talents are perfect for and emphasize effort here and above all smile! Think of a happy moment in your life and smile to everyone on your path. But most of all smile to yourself because you can feel that you are on the way to happiness. (Believe me, I have gotten some looks over this)

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