Making plans vs doing your plans

I think most people are good at making plans, especially this month, which is coming to an end. How far are you in those plans?

The best word for my month is focus-mode. I’ve figured out what to focus on, finding and asking the right questions and explored a lot. Next month will be semi-implement mode. I’m not a diver, heck I can’t even swim. I’m more of a “dip the toe-look for sharks-then jump” kinda guy. I won’t elaborate on what my plans are, but I wanted to bring up the process.

It might seem american dreamy, but YOU can actually become whatver you set your mind to. IF your body and actions follow. You can learn any skill, and for the most part reach whatever level you want. You can even train your brain to function quicker and better( There are all these tools and opportunities around us. Opportunity is a chance not taken, a dream is a life yet to be lived, but turning opportunities into actions and in turn dreams into realities is my only way to live.

You might ask: What have I done then? Where is my success? Where is the fancy car, beautiful wife and big house? And it might seem stupid to you, but I think, therefore I am. I think big, therefore I am big. I think(and feel) happy, therefore I am happy. I think I will have these things at some point, therefore I will. I’m not sitting with my eyes closed in the kitchen, thinking and waiting for a Ferrari. THAT is stupid and impractical, unless it has a stove and dishwasher. I’m trying to say that it’s not live to work or work to live, it’s all LIFE. It’s not just the moments you’re at working and loving it, but not when you get back to your dysfunctional relationships. And vice versa.

We are not masters of time, but we are masters of moments. Every moment of every day we consciously or unconsciously choose our actions, thoughts and feelings. Develop good habits for dealing with the unimportant stuff like what to eat, wear so you don’t spend time(or series of moments) on thinking about it. Take a more active role in listening to people, and learn ways to more clearly speak your mind at work, at home and meeting of people. Think about what you want this year to be about.

Make plans–>do the actions–> be awesome and happy!

Late post, but hope you’ve had a great week so far and that it’ll get even better

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