Overcoming obstacles

Hi again. Sorry for not posting for a while. Things have been busy in my world lately.

Which is why I have aptly titled this post “Overcoming obstacles”. Every negative situation is either a problem or an opportunity. This weekend I went to an afterparty and lost something important. I spent the coming two days trying to retrieve said object to no prevail. I got by with a little help from my friends, as a certain British pop group once sung. And when everything had sorted out in a manner of speaking I stood up from my sisters couch and walked a few steps, and then my left knee buckled under me. Two and a half years ago I tore my ACL and, until recently was not able to run or move without hiccups. The feeling in my knee seems eerily close to the one post-injury and pre-operation. What I’ve taken from this negative situation is that I have more time to write my plans, lectures and blogs. And since I can’t walk too far I also so have more of an opportunity to these things.

Think back to a negative situation in your life, minor or major. Did it become an opportunity or remain a problem? I didn’t start thinking of opportunities until recently and I have been a victim so many times, complaining about things happening to me and seeking comfort over advice. Misery loves company, but sympathy needs victims. I’m not saying bad shit doesn’t happen but for someone to feel sorry for you, you must feel you have something to feel sorry about. In Norwegian we say: stakkars deg, which loosely translates to: you poor thing. Who are you calling poor? I say back. It isn’t what happens to you that matters, it’s how you respond that matters.

So next time something bad happens to you, flip it from what you don’t have, to what you have left. If you get robbed: at least I didn’t waste that money on mindless self indulgence. If you get hurt: now I can have my exam orally or I get to sit down and relax Way more than before. If you have an argument: at least now I know how that person feels about the situation.

“Obstacles are hurdles you need to get over. The bigger the hurdle, the bigger the gain.”-Jostein

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