This weekend I went to a little shindig. Sort of a get-together for this thing I’m doing up in Northern Norway. I haven’t really gone out in a little while. Or I’ve kept it barely unproblematic. But this time, not so much. I even saw a How I met your mother episode the following day, where they vowed to never get that drunk again. Felt like it spoke to me, but I will not vow to do such a thing, because it will probably happen at some point in time. 

But the next day was a heavy one. And it is true that alcohol kills brain cells. I could feel the funerals inside my head as function dropped. However we can recuperate both our brain cells and from the hangover. As the day went on I felt my brain was a 4th-grader not willing to do the tasks I gave him/her (used to be a substitute teacher). “I’m not going to do what you tell me, I’m going to sit here and annoy you” 

As you know how I write I’m going to expand this to a metaphor for life. Whenever you overdo one aspect of your life, whether it be partying, working, sulking or even spending too much of your energy on loved ones, it will affect another. I think people are potentially, virtually limitless, but we all need a balance. And sure you can set aside your love life for a while when trying to reach career goals, but if you don’t make a concerted effort on it later, you might miss out. 

So find your balance. Switch to beers, make a schedule to fit in family time or hobbies, make dates, work harder when you need to, but take breaks. 

“When something is overdone, the damage might not get undone.”

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