“Let life work with you, not against you”

I’m starting a new trend; Yogiblog. Or maybe it is a trend, I don’t really keep up.
Yogi tea has these short sentences full of wisdom on the label, so whenever I come across a really good one that really speaks to me, I blog about it. So we’re clear I only drink Yogi tea, and no they are not paying me to start this.

“Let life be with you, not against you” spoke to me given I’m currently in a sitiuation that demands massive amounts of positive reinforcement. This comes from willpower, Yogi tea and the book “Happiness now” by Robert Holden. I was very reluctant at first, but eventually I went with the flow. And as I face my challenges I work with a system, instead of opposing every turn. The realisation that you work with life, not against it has become somewhat of a mantra. I usually do my entries in one sitting, but this one was different. I’ve tried three times to finish, but something stacked against me.

Have you ever felt everything was stacked against you? No matter how hard you try new bullshit arise? I think you might have. Did it open up when you cooperated with your surroundings? If you haven’t tried it, please do. Experience with a new outlook, is almost like a new experience altogether.

This was not my finest work, but I’ve had a long break..

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