My online life vs my real life


Weirdly enough I haven’t spent much time on my blog. I’m sorry for that. But I’ve been very active on a website called twitter, you might heard of it. It’s an amazing place for free thinkers like me and you only get 140 characters to get to the point. Which is an advantage when it comes to me, ’cause I can ramble like hella. I’ve been in the hospital for quite much of my inactive time, and haven’t felt like it.


But my ride on twitter goes from virtually muting Piers Morgan, retweets from Donald Trump, some form of friendship or kinship with @mettaworldpeace the New York Knick to the greatest Honor when I got a digigraphed (it’s a thing) photo from Jurgen Klinsmann him self after USA vs Belgium in the World Cup. I’ve got some friends that tweet me, and some very good connections I’ll make use when I get back to USA. But promised my sister I wouldn’t move this year.


Which brings me to my turmoil. Little to no understanding, from counselors, doctors, family or friends of my need to leave my country. Norway is not in the lead of any industry. If hypocrisy was an industry we’d be number one. I’m an A-lister in Solutions Book made by Jefrey Guterman PhD. So I can safely claim or even exclaim my grievances. When I move depends on a lot of variables, but there is no changing the fact that I won’t live my life here. And with so many countries checking me out and German, Spanish and English at a decent level, there’s a lot of borders to cross. USA über alles, but I will always use the Internet as my main tool, so it doesn’t matter


But go on @JustinShark and follow me there as well, and I’ll use this blog more actively. 


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