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The particion of life

There are three parts of your life..

Work life. That part of the day where you sell your time.

Actual social life. That part of the day, where you try to get reinforcment for your life or sympathy.

Online Social Life. How you spend your time as far as FB, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram or SoundCloud.

Its quite obvious that some of the Social networks are more fruitful than others. I prefer Twittter, LinkedIn and SoundCloud. Create your own persona and be who you feel you are. There’s a saying, dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Tweet for the job you want. And reinforce that with your own conviction. Instead of visualizing your life tweetalize your Life. Personally I’ve been working hard for the #Nbadraft. And I spend time building up my self-confidence through ted-talks and motivational speeches. And I toy around a lot with the game. I live in a country that has a quite lame enthusiasm for the sport, so I follow the nba and I’m literally tweeting to the source. And through my life experiences I know I got the mental tenacity. I train hard these days and will post some videos soon.. I love my life after I started tweeting. If you have a dream use your spare time following that dream online and you’ll be surprised how close you are to your dream. “There are people that go down in History, the rest end up in the Statistic”

#History or #Statistics?

Bought at The Superdome, New Orleans.

The ball stenciled with David Stern, patent pending at the point on the valve.
Also I’m a Saints fan, because their losses turned to victories. Remember being in an Emergency room with three poisonings, watching Drew Brees toss the ball to break the NFL all-time record.
This was in Las Vegas btw:p

the State of BEing

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Neighborhood

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I believe one defines oneself by reinvention.
To not be like your parents,
To not be like your friends. 
To cut yourself out of stone.
– Henry Rollins

be yourself stonehedge

 the State of BEing
by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

Be unique. Be original.
Be kind. Be giving and be free.
Be inventive. Take flight.
Be the one person, you have always wanted to be.
Be like your Mom or be like your Dad, if that is who you wish to be.
Be strong. Be humble. Be free.
Be the type of person that your kids would want to be.
Be an intellect. Be a clown. Be a daredevil. Be a smile.
Be emotional. Its okay to cry.
Be opinionated, but have an open mind.
Be an eagle and soar through the sky.
Be grounded, but never stop asking why.
Be the music. Be the song. Be the lyrics and…

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